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Planning ahead is always best, but it doesn't have to feel like a hassle. Make time for the important things and never miss a deadline with Maicara Planner 2022 Spirits of the Mountain.


No matter what your ambitions are, live what's important with Maicara Planner 2022 Spirits of the Mountain. It will help you go for what you want and achieve more than ever before!


Maicara Planner 2022 | Spirits of the mountain

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    What's Inside

    Check out what makes let’s goal 2022 so special






    Width: 17.7 cm, Height: 24.3 cm

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    Classic Hardcover ; Gold foil accents ; Digitally printed hand - drawn illustration


    MAICARA YEARLY SPREADS: Bookstagram, Movies / Series, Bucket List, Goal Planner, Medications, Social Stats, Travel Goals, Travel Plans, Travel Itinerary, Weight Tracker, Weight loss Tracker, Financial Goal Planner, Utility Bills Tracker, Credit Card Tracker, Debt Tracker, Investment Tracker, Financial Overview, Memories, Gratitude Log, Year at a Glance.

    MAICARA MONTHLY SPREADS: With Maicara’s Planner Week at a glance, Schedule, Grocery List, Shopping List, Gratitude, Week Focus, Weekly Chores, Goals, Expense Tracker, Budget Tracker, Savings Tracker, Exercise Tracker, Water Tracker, Sleep Tracker, Sugar Tracker, Junk Tracker, Habit Tracker, Habits to Kill & Grow, Sick Tracker, Periods Tracker, Meal Planner, Month at a glance, Important events, To Do, Appointments, Ideas, Top Goals.

    MAICARA ADDITIONAL SPREADS: Personal Information, Brain Dump, Adult Colouring, Notes, Sacred Rituals, Quotes , Pocket at the back to hold small notes or stationery essentials.

    MAICARA FREE GIVEAWAYS: Plantable Pen, Plantable Seed Pencil, Plantable Bookmarks (3), Plantable Notepad, and a Protective Keepsake box.

    Free Goodies
    Take a stand for the love of green with maicara.
    Plantable Pencil

    Ever thought your humble pencil can grow into an exortic pencil once used ? Go Green!

    Plantable Pen

    Once the pen is out of ink, the seeds at the back can be grown into plants - Go Green


    Enjoy your readings with these beautiful quirky nature friendly bookmarks


    This plantable seed paper notepads are a fun, colourful and environmentally friendly

    *Note : Plantable instructions are given at the back side of the items


    Take a look inside

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